Free Youth Classes

Starting in April, every Monday night we will be having a free computer class for youth ages 10-16. This class is roughly an hour long and focuses on trying to cultivate a greater interest for each youth to further develop their technical skills on their own. We hope to achieve this goal by teaching more intermediate computer and software operations and building a foundation of their technical skills.

In order to participate you must register for the class on our website – registration begins on Tuesday 2 weeks before the class. As of now each class will be available to only 6 students at a time. If you click on the Class Registration link, you will see the time and date of the free classes and proceed to register. If you do not see any registration form for the Free Youth Classes, this means the classes have already been filled. There will be two classes scheduled for each topic so if you miss the first week class, you will have a chance to attend the following week.

These classes are intended for youth that have an interest in pursuing a technical career or hobby. Since the classes involve intermediate material it is a requirement that each youth have the general knowledge of how to operate a computer (use the internet, open programs, open documents). And because of our intentions to promote the student’s learning more on their own, we also require that any student who wishes to participate in the class must have a computer with internet access at home. Some of the topics we will be covering are:

  • Building a Computer
  • Setting up a Wireless Router
  • Installing Software
  • Installing Hardware
  • Removing Viruses
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Basic Website Design
  • Basic Word
  • Basic Excel
  • Basic Powerpoint
  • Basic Outlook
  • Basic Audio Editing
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Basic 3D Modeling using SketchUp
  • Various Troubleshooting of Windows

We require that you complete the registration form so we can contact the parent or student attending should any changes be made to the class schedule. Classes hold up to 6 students at the moment. We provide laptops with the necessary software for each student to use. As the class grows we will hope to add more laptops to allow up to 10 students to attend. If a student has their own laptop they are welcome to use it provided that it is running Windows 7 and has Office 2007 installed to match with the laptops provided to the rest of the students. Parents/guardians are welcome to stay and watch the classes, however, because these classes are taking place in a corporate office building, we ask that no additional children or friends be brought along.

If you have any questions regarding our free computer classes for youth, please contact Designo Inc. at 702-606-3702